About Us

Imperial Lexis Kuala Lumpur is the latest addition to the Lexis Hotel Group’s diverse array of hotels and resorts. Firmly established as a premium brand in the hospitality industry, Lexis Hotel Group is adamant about providing professional management services for a portfolio of hotels and resorts in Malaysia, each distinctive and memorable, especially our records-breaking water villas and the above-the-sea living experience that they offer.

Imperial Lexis® Kuala Lumpur

"A Pinnacle of Urban Luxury and Sheer Elegance"

Project – Imperial Lexis
Location – Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur
No. of Rooms – 275 Rooms & Suites
Special Features – Private Pool in Every Serviced Room & Suite

The city is yours to rediscover and call home at the 5-star Imperial Lexis Kuala Lumpur, where warm, friendly service infuses you with the sense of a long-awaited homecoming upon every check-in. Standing tall and majestic, this 53-storey glass-encased skyscraper, housing 275 luxurious serviced rooms and suites, as well as expansive serviced residences, glistens brilliantly in the Kuala Lumpur skyline, exuding a sense of sleek elegance that captivates upon arrival.

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