Facilities & Amenities

Designed to provide travellers with a much-needed escape from the monotony of their daily routines, our urban luxury destination boasts world-class facilities that are designed to cater to your every need, ensuring a stay that’s nothing short of extraordinary.


Our attentive concierge team is dedicated to providing personalised assistance, ensuring guests have a seamless and delightful stay, whether it's arranging reservations, offering insider tips on local attractions, or catering to specific requests.

Executive Lounge | Coming Soon

Our exclusive Executive Lounge offers a private retreat where guests can unwind and enjoy complimentary refreshments, high-speed Internet and business facilities, creating a sophisticated space for networking and social gatherings.


Soar to new heights at our SkyDeck observation deck, perched 51 storeys above the ground. Prepare to be mesmerised by the panoramic view of the city skyline, with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower, and other notable skyscrapers within reach.

O2 Gym

Maintain your healthy lifestyle at our 24-hour state-of-the-art gym, where cutting-edge Technogym equipment awaits to power your fitness journey.urney.

Two massage beds & a bathtub in Lex Spa at Imperial Lexis, the best luxury spa in Kuala Lumpur


Discover a sanctuary of tranquillity at LexSpa, our luxury spa oasis that offers guests respite from the fast-paced modern life. Treat yourself to a selection of indulgent massages and beauty treatments that will revitalise your body and uplift your senses. Located on the 51st floor, this is the ultimate destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Sky Infinity Pool

Ascend to the 51st floor and immerse yourself in our expansive infinity pool, boasting magnificent views of the Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower and Menara 118. Indulge in a serene and luxurious swim as you bask in the glistening splendour of the skyline.

Tour Desk | Coming Soon

Immerse yourself in the best of Kuala Lumpur with our curated city tours and excursions, allowing guests to explore iconic landmarks, cultural treasures, and hidden gems, all expertly guided to make the most of your urban adventure.

Car / Limousine Services

Experience the epitome of luxury and convenience with our premium car and limousine services, providing seamless transportation to and from the property, and offering a touch of elegance to elevate your travel experience.

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